by Roger Granquist on October 8, 2009

What do we live for? Oh, wait, why am I asking a question like that? I already have the answer… Whatever Obama wants us to live for.  He has stuck the government’s hand in so much of the banking system, and stuck the government’s hand in the auto industry, and now he wants so badly to stick the government’s hand into the healthcare system.

Hmmm… I think he’s trying to tell us that the government is the solution to all of our problems. And to think that somehow this country managed to get so far ahead of the rest of the world in only 300+ years without big government holding its hand… That HAD to be pure luck!

Not to mention the fact that ‘Evil America’ has “acted unillaterally, without regard for others…”

How DARE we try to be proactive in protecting our shrinking liberties!! And seeing that threat, we are supposed to (if following Obama’s ideas) try to pat their hands and show them how nice we really are and how much of a good “friend” we can be to them.   Ooooh that BURNS ME UP!!

What happen to showing them how strong of a country we are by destroying the evil before it has time to fester (someone say “Reagan Policies”? Cold War?) Oh no, we need to really be focused on inviting olympians to our country to compete for pieces of steel while so many of our own citizens struggle just to put food on the table. Or is that the fault of the super rich in this country?? I’m confused.

And what does our President, the Leader of the “Free World”, do?   (                )…….

…Ok… That was a lot. Oh, wait, that was NOTHING. I heard a lady from the radio the other day say that Obama is so absorbed in getting power and increasing the government around him that he can’t see the forest for all the trees. I agree.

Let us get involved and take the first step in the right direction… Get rid of this Healthcare bill the way it is right now. I do agree there are problems with it in it’s current condition, but no system is ever without problems, we’re human. But stuffing it with government beaurocracy only adds to the problems. Lets not just try to empty the cup, lets offer to fill it back up with something sensible. Something that works. I won’t belabor this here as there are many solutions that have already been brought to the table.

Please Mr. President, look at what your policies are bringing, REALLY. Once you start taking away the trees in the “front” to see the rest of the forest, it really won’t end until you’ve brought down the whole forest.


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