Peace Prize

by Roger Granquist on October 9, 2009

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?

That’s interesting. Which peace prize? The one where he turns down the opportunity to place defenses in Europe? Or the one where he choses to close down a prison housing terrorists and move them INSIDE the United States where they were trying to get to in the first place? The one where he is more interested in showing how “peacable” America should be and apologizes for how superior we have been, just so he can win an opportunity to have olymians compete in Chicago?
I guess I can see how much peace he has brought. Only its the opposite of what we want.
He has brought much peace to the world in finally knowing that the US has┬ávulnerability and is willing to be “just friends” to countries that would like nothing else than to defeat America. But to his own country? We have more fighting and arguing amongst ourselves than ever before. We have more people than ever in our country more willing to just give up our freedoms for the “good of mankind”.
I guess he disserves a prestigious award such as the Nobel Peace Prize. After all, in under one year, he has accomplished so much for everyone else in the world.

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