Healthcare Reform?

by Roger Granquist on November 10, 2009

Is it really about HEALTHCARE?
I have a theory….
Maybe we should start being more concerned with attacking the root of the problem…
Where is our debt coming from? Our health? I think NOT.
We have molded our mindsets into naturally destructive forces. I know because I feel myself falling into it at times. I’d rather take the easy road than the hard road sometimes. It takes HARD work to make ourselves better!
“…We naturally tend to a state of disorder and chaos…” And our wonderful government is making sure we stay there too!
Since when does a “leader” who is REALLY concerned about our health and the care of it, write a 2000+ page bill that very few can even read through fully much less think about implementing. Smells like a cover up for something other than my health!
And what could that be??

Oh… Right… POWER

Who on this world doesn’t want more power and control? I don’t think anyone can honestly say they DON’T want more power or authority in one way or another. The difference is how one goes about to get there. The men (and women) that founded this great nation understood the destructive force that more power can bring and they so wisely chose to limit that control and power. You see, some of them had SEEN the results of that where they came from. They understood what the results of that were. But what I don’t get is that we too can SEE the results of that in many nations all around us even today, and yet these individuals that have been given power by us, the people, seem to think they are somehow different. They, for some reason, think that they can actually help by controlling more of our lives.

The real problem lies in the lie! These liberals have convinced themselves that if they can assume more power for themselves, that will allow them to help us more. Liberals ACTUALLY think they deserve more control so that they can help the ‘underdog’.


You take by force something that is suppose to be given, and you destroy the very fabric that supports it and holds it up. Did you hear that liberals! You DESTROY the very thing you think you are trying to help.

Our founders set up a republic deliberately because they understood this. Power must be given, not taken. And in being given certain power, there must also come with it a check and balance to prevent it’s greed.

If anyone of you still thinks that giving this “unchecked” power to the government is really going to help the less fortunate, please I beg you, STOP! Our government is telling us a lie just to get their way. Just like kids will tell lies to parents to get what they want. Only the government has no intention of giving the power back.
It’s human nature!

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