by Roger Granquist on March 22, 2010

Over 80% of Americans don’t want the healthcare ‘deform’ that was just passed. Why would the elected officials want to do something like this that would pretty much seal their doom for a political future?
The only reasoning I can come up with is personal gain. But that sure seems like an oximoron as this will very well result in the very opposite!

Wow! With ‘friends’ like this, who needs enemies?!

Now we really need to put our shoulders into this issue more than ever to do everything in each of our power to prevent a sure catastrophy!

And get these self-seeking jerks a position they deserve… The “New-employment-seeking” individual.

…Except for Pelosi… She can just live off of the new social security under this new ‘healthcare reform’ that she so readily wanted for every other American!

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