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If this is your first time here, I would like to welcome you to our website!

My wife and I are excited to share some of our passions with you.
The goal of this site is to share with you all many aspects of our lives as American Citizens and Christian Families. Our glories and sorrows as a result of everyday life in an American State are, we think, similar to so many other’s who share many of our stories.

A little of our past….

Having grown up in good Christian, American homes, my wife and I were married about two years ago now, and I must say, God’s design in marriage is such a wonderful thing. I must also add, we have many ups and many downs, but we wouldn’t trade if for the world. We have done quite a lot in our lives up to this point and our desire is to share our gathered knowledge, experiences, and opinions with you all. I will say up front, I am opinionated! If you don’t like that, tough! (Get the drift?)

There will be many topics brought up and discussed here from all of our family and we hope that you will join us and be a part of our American family, sharing your thoughts and opinions with us as well. We welcome them!

Until next time…

The Granquist Family

If you would like to get ahold of us directly, please email us: info@americanfamilyjournal.com

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